Wednesday, May 23, 2012

c25k: Week 5 Day 3

I'm not proud to say I skipped Crossfit today and instead stayed home napping. Although it felt nice at the time to just sleep through when I was supposed to be working out, I
woke up feeling like a loser. This is the first time I skipped Crossfit for no good reason and did not feel good at all. It felt like I had cheated on myself.

So in order to try and make up for some of the loss, I decided to go and do the week 5 day 3 of c25k program.. It consisted of running 9 minutes, walking 2 minutes, running 4, walking 2, then running 2. I ended up running longer than 9 minutes in the first run because I didn't realize I had paused the app. I think I probably ran 11 or 12 minutes. My pace also improved from 11:58 from last week to 11:13 this week.

I was happy I got out and did it. I'm ready for the next week to be here and run 20 minutes straight very soon :)

And it is safe to say I won't be missing Crossfit anymore...

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