Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fitocracy = Awesome Motivating Tool!

I wish I had joined this site earlier... I am so addicted to it now!! So much that I have been slacking posting here, because I am so busy posting my workouts there and accumulating points!

Fitocracy is a Fitness Social Network, where you can log your workouts and interact with other users. You gain points for each workout you add, as well as unlock achievements and complete quests. There are several groups you can become part of, depending on your interests. There is always someone giving you "props" for workouts that you do and they are always eager to answer any questions you have.
The community is wonderful and there is a lot of support in there.

In one week, I reached level 7 and accumulated 4,175 points!

Some days I even do a couple of random Planks just to get some more points added to my day. lol

I definitely recommend it for anyone trying to get fit, healthy and wanting motivation. If you are competitive, this is definitely going to motivate you!

1 comment:

  1. I have to agree with you..

    Fitocracy is a really addictive social network, and absolutely love it..
    I really love how motivational it can be, and addictive :)

    And as you point out, the community is wonderful, with lots of support there.. It's rare to find anyone trolling there..