About Me

I am not your average Athletic person or Runner... At least that's not how I started. 

I always hated sports and being physical. I love watching TV, sleeping, doing crafty stuff and being creative. I even have a blog about all the things I create: Pretty & Cozy

But then I reached 160 pounds. Being only 5'3 tall, I could see the weight and feel its toll on my body. I decided I had to do something for me and become healthy. Since April 10th, 2012, I started eating healthy, started c25K program and have joined GFit Women

I decided to start this blog as a way to keep track of my progress, but also vent about the bad days and boast about the good ones. It is also a way of me sharing all the useful things I have been learning in this journey with anyone that comes across it. 

Everyday will be a challenge, and I'm ready to face it.

Nice to meet you!

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