Tuesday, May 15, 2012

600 Calories Burned

I was looking forward to go back to the box, since I hadn't been there since last Monday. On Wednesday I had to work so I did the at home workout, and Sunday was mother's day so there was no class. 
I really liked yesterday's workout. As longs as there are no Burpees, I'm happy :)
For the warm up, we ran 3 laps, which wasn't as bad since I've been getting more used to running. 
Then we had the usual group stretch and drills. Those make me so tired!
And then the work out: 

Strength: push press 4×7 (35 lbs)
Conditioning: 17min Amrap
20 weighted squats (I used 10lbs med balls)
18 Situps
16 jumping lunges 
14 kettlebell swings (I used 20lb kbs)
10 push press (I used 15lbs dbs)

I was able to do 3 complete rounds and up to the 5th situp of the 4th round. I did regular lunges since I'm still working on my balance. 
At the end of the class I had burned 600 calories according to my heart rate. 
Today my shoulders, upper back and neck are incredibly sore. I think the kettlebell swings did it. Maybe I have to work on my form a bit more. Other than that, I'm looking forward for my next work out tomorrow :)

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