Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Broad Street Run - Check!

I did it!!!!

I ran 10 miles at the Broad Street Run!! I accomplished one of my goals!!

A year ago I was struggling to run a 5k, and here I was today, braving a whooping 10 miles, and I did it!

I "blame" GFit for this accomplishment. For keeping me fit, my legs strong. I hadn't really trained (not saying this was wise or the right thing to do) for this run, so all my strength came from the exercises at GFit. It would of course have been easier if I had trained, and I probably would have been in less pain and ran faster, but for someone who hadn't really ran much in the past few months, this definitely felt amazing. 

The last time I had done a 5k was November of last year, and then on April 27th I decided to run again, for 5 miles! I broke my record and that was the last time I ran, until today!!!!

Funny thing is I wasn't even planning on doing this run.. It wasn't until 4 days before the race that my brother convinced me to try it, and I found someone who was selling their bib and I bought it. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be running 5 miles, let alone 10, just 2 weeks ago!

This goes to show that you can do anything you want, no matter what people tell you. Mind over matter!!!

I will leave you with my stats below... That map is my favorite part! Can you believe I ran for that long??? Me neither!!

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