C25K Guide

The Couch to 5k plan is a great way to get started in the running world. If I can do it, you can do it. I ALWAYS HATED running, but I did it anyway, and slowly, with some pain and lots of sweat and some cursing, I went from running 1 continuous minute to a whole 26 continuous minutes in less than 2 months. I hope to be able to do a 5k in less than 2 months from now (might even be a few weeks!). 

Here is a great table I found online (sorry, it was liked to Tumblr so I'm not sure what the real source is) showing the plan if you want to give it a try: 

I also have been using the Ease Into 5k app. The plan on the app is a little different than the regular c25k due to copyright reasons, but the end result is the same :)

For more information on this great program, visit www.c25k.com.

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