Thursday, April 19, 2012

How It All Begun

As I write this, I'm in a lot of pain, everywhere! This week I started the Crossfit introductory 3 classes program, and these last 3 days gave me a taste of what Crossfit will be like; NOT EASY.

First, let me give you a bit of a background on where I am coming from... Before Sunday, I did nothing physical except for house chores. I was completely out of shape (still am) and would be winded just from going up a few stairs. My eating habit was nowhere near healthy. Then last Saturday, my brother ran a 60 miles marathon, when 2 years ago he was a couch potato just like me. I was so inspired I decided to do something for myself also.

On Wednesday, I started counting points with WW as well as calories with MyFitnessPal and starting reading a lot about healthy eating and fitness. I had heard a lot about Crossfit in the past so I decided to sign up as they were going to start an introductory class soon. My brother also had sent me a link for a 5K Zombie Run happening September 1st, which I really wanted to be able to do, so I decided to start c25K as well.

So last Sunday I did the first day of c25K. I felt so miserable on those 20 minutes, I just wanted to stop. My husband ran with me and kept me going. I then remembered last year when I had tried c25K for the first time, how I couldn't even run the whole 30 second without stopping. This time I was able to, and that kept me going until the end. Although I was feeling very tired and out of breath, it felt good to take my first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

I woke up the following day, Monday morning, a little bit sore. I wouldn't even call it sore. It was more like I was feeling a little pull on my thighs. I knew I had my first crossfit class that evening, so I decided to keep moving so that wouldn't feel stiff. I'm not going to lie; I was really scared. From what I had heard from other people, I though I was either going to vomit or die on my first class. But I decided to go anyway. It ended up very basic and very educational. There were a group of people that was just beginning there as well and that made me feel comfortable. We learned how to do squats, kettle bell swings, lift weight among other things. At the end of each class, we had a mini workout. That was enough to make me very sore the following days. But I kept going, even though each day the pain was worse and I could barely move. We finally finished our 3 introductory classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I decided to sign up.

This is how I started my Crossfit journey. I hope it will be a great one.

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